Mar. 28th, 2007


Mar. 28th, 2007 09:23 am
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Just completed my last ward month at La Rabida...

On call overnight. Luckily, I got only one admission, and nothing acute came up overnight. I did have to transfer a kid out for evolving pneumothorax. Very impressive physical exam.

It's been an interesting time this year.

I'm tired.

Time to plan my vacation.
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Guess what I do post-call?

12 noon-1 pm: Meeting on the new computerized medical record system going up in the future. Lots of usability and workflow discussion.
2-4 pm: Hie on over to the Regenstein Library, (finally) get my sticker giving me borrowing privileges, and happily browse the collection.

Findings: a section composed of carillon and bell-ringing books (half in Dutch, a quarter in French, and the remainder in various other languages). Nothing I feel like lugging out at the moment, but I locate a CD of Elgar playing at Woolsey Hall and a CD containing the complete works of van den Gheyn. SCORE!.

Next stop: Crerar Library (sciences). Attempt unsuccessfully to find a book on Unix systems admin, but instead come across an online copy of TCP-IP networking essentials. However, do find a nice big chunk on the second floor devoted to pediatrics.

And I also get very excited when I find out that I have borrowing privileges at Northwestern and UIC. Yay!

4-5 pm: Hang out in the pediatric residency office laughing my butt off about how one of the chiefs plastered her desk with Post-It notes and checking in on a kid I transferred over to the ICU last night (and incidentally scaring the interns-soon-to-be-second-years). Muhahahaha.

Mad Lootz for the Day:
1. CD of Elgar playing in Woolsey
2. CD of the complete works of van den Gheyn
3. First Aid for the Pediatric Boards
4. Primary Care for Children with Genetic Conditions
5. Procedures for Primary Care Pediatricians.

And I have them for MONTHS!!!

On top of all that, I'm going bowling tonight!


Nerdily (and sleep-deprivedly) yours,
[ profile] resonance42

PS Anyone know of a company that binds dissertations? It's been 3 years, and I still haven't bound mine...


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