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Thank you for your interest in my humble little abode in the LJ universe!

Due to my desire for privacy in a rapidly, involuntarily, open world, this journal is friends-only.  I post periodically on subjects well and sundry, and some of them touch closer to home than I'd like to be disseminated widely into the aether.  I hope that you understand.

Please comment if you want to be friended, and I'll look through your journal before I friend you back.  If you do so, please let me know why you'd like to friend me and how you came across this little nook in the cyberstream.  I'm curious!

Mav the sounds of the sea ring soothingly in your ears,
May the touch of the wind stroke your hair,
May the scent of the earth embrace you in its bosom,
May the spirit of fire set your heart aflame!
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Well, the plague is catching, it seems. Webcams, reality shows, online journals. Perhaps it's a way of trying to place one's innermost thoughts out into the public domain; perhaps it's the next form of literary expression. Who knows?

So here we are, a leaning solitary oak amidst a forest of churring trees and denizens. Where to next?


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