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So, I complete my credentialing paperwork for my new job ages in advance; I have my clinical privileges approved at one of the sites. On learning this, my new boss asks me if I'm available to start early. I say yes. Other gears swing into motion (about which I'm unaware, but apparently requires lots of paperwork and many, many signatures - I'm amazed that any bureaucracy like ours works this fast).

Fast-forward 4 days later...

I'm now in the middle of my first shift as an attending pediatric hospitalist.

It's definitely a different perspective.


Fun, though.
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Happy Hospital Days!
The next Dr. McDreamy...
It's good to know that our young ones have dreams...
...and light moments in the hospital.

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It's been a journey, but I have made a decision.

Starting July 1, I will be joining the faculty of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Chicago Medical Center/Pritzker School of Medicine.

My clinical responsibilities will focus on inpatient pediatric medicine, focusing on community hospitals such as MacNeal Hospital, Little Company of Mary Hospital, and Hinsdale Hospital. In that role, I will be responsible for inpatient pediatrics, ER consults, newborn deliveries, general care nursery, and the intensive care/stepdown unit. There are also clinical opportunities at Comer Children's Hospital and other sites that can be added on an ad-hoc basis. My base schedule will be 2 24-hour shifts a week with no mandated clinical time in between (yes, that's 5 days off a week).

My educational responsibilities will include teaching residents, medical students, nurses, and other staff working at these facilities.

My academic/research work will be whatever I dream up, but will include participation in the general pediatrics, critical care, and possibly clinical ethics/advocacy programs.

I submitted my academic appointment and medical staff application yesterday (a 60+ page monstrosity), and received confirmation of appointment today.

In discussing this (and other) offers with many, many people (including you), I was impressed by the flexibility that this position offered to pursue academic and research interests, as well as to relax and live a normal life. I also love the populations these community hospitals serve. The position also offered the most competitive compensation and benefits package. And the people (and more importantly, leadership) in the group are great.

Thanks, everyone, for your advice and for reading through the saga.



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